Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I have had an on off relationship with running ever since I was twelve but right now, as I’m trying to get fit for a charity event in the summer, me and running are back on.

So now I’m grinding out the miles each night on the forest trails near our home with Pippin bounding ahead in the beam cast by my head torch. Its not fun and even though I'm barely a couple of heartbeats above walking pace there’s an upside to running which I always forget when I’m not doing it and that is, when I’m alone on the trail anything is possible.

I can be I can be Tom Cruise sprinting the rain slick cobbles of Prague in a tuxedo or Rocky Balboa pounding the bustling streets of Philly in tattered sweats. I can be the poetry of ‘Chariots’ opening scene or the irresistable force of Bad Ben Johnson. I can be William Wallace charging over the green fields of Bannockburn or Forrest Gump effortlessly running the desolate plains of the South West.

Some people say they order their thoughts when they run, plan their day, thrash out issues in their head. Not me, in my head I’m scrambling rocky trails that lead ever upward into the  mist or covering the last heroic mile with the end of an epic journey in sight. I’m not thinking about all the things I need to do - that's what driving the car is for.

There’s a tremendous amount of people out there sharing their thoughts on why they run. Here’s three very different and enjoyable slants on the subject.

Jon Eig, Journalist from Chicago

Steve Leach, Composer

Jen, blogger from the US

Lastly, I’ve included this absolute masterpiece of a Nike commercial from 1996. Enjoy!

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