Wednesday, 14 December 2011

We Are Not Alone

I'm currently working my way through We are Not Alone: the Writer's Guide to Social Media. Written by American author Kristen Lamb it is a step by step guide to building the all important online 'platform' every writer needs in today's market.

I have to admit when I knocked this blog together a week or so ago I was aware that I needed to get my message out there but had absolutely no idea where to start. For a busy and clamourous place the internet can seem rather lonely at times.

I'm only about half way through her book but already I feel much more certain of what I'm doing and where I need to go. Understanding  the importance of a brand, as opposed to simply talking about my book incessantly, has been priceless.

What's more it is not written in the style of a 'Secret of my Success' book and there is no sense of 'You too can be as wonderful as I am'. Having established her credentials early on she gets down to business in an engaging and accessable fashion and recapping at the end of each chapter makes the book easy to reference.You can read more about Kristen here.

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